Miss Miller



Name: Miss Miller
Grade: Kindergarten
Years of Experience: 2 years

Teaching beliefs: Education has a wide variety of specifics, but from my perspective as an experienced student and still on probation teacher, education is the key to life. Of course I want to fill my students with knowledge, but I want to do it in the best way. Creating challenging and engaging lessons while also being the leader and facilitator of a successful classroom does this. It is done through motivating your students to challenge themselves.

So now, how does my experience as a teacher relate to my personality? I feel happy and interested generally all the time. I genuinely enjoy connecting with other individuals and listening to their thoughts. I have and keep an open mind about life in general, which makes me approachable, but also very accepting and understanding of essentially anything. Do I have to mention how much I like and love children? Or isn’t that an obvious. I connect with children naturally, which explains part of my passion for teaching.

12662723_974256779323399_8124529769938454503_nI have flaws that do repeat themselves occasionally. My honesty can come out as bluntness, and although I offend some people, it comes out genuinely. Also, I personally think I have terrible handwriting. It is legible, and I’m sure it doesn’t bother anyone, but it bothers me.

As for my attributes and qualities, I feel confident about critically critiquing myself, but also noting an effective teaching moment.
I know all of the important qualities that should be included into a classroom setting. I understand the importance of parent and community involvement. I know there needs to be a balanced approach to almost everything in a classroom, from health and exercise, relationships, literacy, social standing, professionalism, and everything included when you decide to become an educator.12348097_941938425888568_2483919280714272513_n

I am being completely honest when I say I have the heart and ambition to be an amazing teacher. I genuinely strive to grow as a professional. I’m honest, dedicated, personal, and everything a great teacher entails. The older I get, the more I feel confident in knowing myself, and I hope all these characteristics shine through my actions to everyone around me, but most importantly, to my students.


2 Responses to Miss Miller

  1. Lebend Tump Sr. says:

    Well said ! These actions do shine!


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