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Holidays Happening


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I love this season, but I find that as I am maturing, my outlook on Christmas changes slightly each year. I do acknowledge the other holidays around this time of year, but I grew up believing in Santa, reindeers, and elves that have big ears and wear green outfits that hang out with misfits. Therefore, I like to celebrate Christmas, and so do the majority of people I know.

Click the link to read about the  Origin of Christmas.

My mother once stated that Christmas is more about children, and that really stuck to me from year to year. It seems that most children believe in Santa, and I remember never wanting to give up that idea that it was actually my parents buying me gifts, not some strange old man covered with fluffy white hair. Now I recall what she said and realize that it IS about children, and of course that isn’t the only thing Christmas is about. However, I am learning that the pureness and happiness of Christmas shine through children. It’s almost like they are the sparkle of Christmas, like the angel on top of a tree.

Before I get carried away, I need to explain a bit about my wonderful school. It isn’t my school, but I am in love with this school, so I call it mine. I think it loves me too, as in the students, teachers, and etc. I love how smaller schools create and tight-knit community, because it makes the world a better place, at least my world. I think it is inevitable for smaller schools to have this feel, and I hope to one day be a part of that in the books.

I went to the elementary holiday concert at my school yesterday afternoon and this place was packed with members of the community, which was most likely moms, dads, grandparents and friends of the students in the performance, but still, I parked quite a ways away from the school. Not to mention that the auditorium was PACKED! My social anxiety kicked in until I sat with my friends, but at the same time I could feel the excitement and anticipation coming from the audience.

As for the concert/play/performance… It was AWESOME! It was honestly the best elementary performance I have ever seen. The music teacher is AMAZING! She is one of my favorite people and gives quite the impression. She is hilarious and relates so well with her students, and she knows how to teach effectively.

My three stars and a wish of the performance:

*The song choices, they went so well with the story (unless this was already a written performance)

*The fact that there was a story to the performance, Bentley’s Snowflakeswhich not only kept it entertaining, but it hopefully influenced and taught the children something meaningful and important while they were preparing. Not only did the children learn, but so did I, and I would hope at least the majority of the audience.

*I love that for the final song she had a digital story in the background that showed the actual snowflakes Bentley photographed.

Wish: The transitions from grade to grade on the risers and in between scenes took FOREVER!!! I am exaggerating, it wasn’t that long, but maybe there is an alternative to save time. Maybe I’ve just got that teacher mind set of time management, and maybe I am somewhat impatient.

Besides that, the concert was WOW! I can’t stress it enough, and I would hope that it touched everyones heart.

I need to go for now. Off to another school event with a teacher friend of mine. She is the captain of the cheerleading team and she invited to watch her cheerleaders do a cheer they’ve spent a lot of time creating and practicing, so it is a BIG deal.

Happy Holidays!

Miss Miller

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The First Days of School: How to be an effective teacher –Wong

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The First Days of School – This is a must read for any and all teachers.

Since my first experience of being around educators, I was informed on the importance and enrichment of this book. I’ve heard so many of my mentors in my life rave about it.

Throughout college, I could never bring myself to purchase this book, only because it wasn’t a priority, or so I thought. A teacher I was assisting had this book laying out and I explained how I always wanted to get it but just never bought it and she handed an extra copy to me and said, “Merry Christmas!” She also said something along the lines of not being the teacher she is today without it. I can’t stress how awesome this women is. I love subbing for her, and her students can teach themselves. After reading a few pages, I can already see how she applies some of his strategies into her classroom.

My last point; I am subbing for fifth grade tomorrow, and I gave an inch and they look a mile last time I subbed for them. I blame myself. I don’t like to be the stern and “shhh” teacher, but students cannot get their work done if they are constantly talking. The teacher I am subbing for said it was going to be an easy day, but now I am ready for a challenge. How can I strive to be the best teacher, even if it is just for subbing? I think this book is a great start.

I look forward to the moment when I can fully acknowledge that my class can teach themselves.

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My heart exploded

I’ve been called into subbing a lot and I’ve also started a new business, so I am extremely busy. And all the activities I love to do with my free time has been pushed to the side while I balance work, my social life, and putting effort into my appearance. I know that last part may sound vain, but I feel more confident when I look great, and I’m also impressed with myself most days. I forget to acknowledge that most of the time.

I also wonder if I try too hard at school, and if so, is there such a thing as trying too hard if you hope to potentially get hired as a teacher in the near future.

You sink your heart into something, or maybe you could say you dive or jump with arms wide open, giving your heart, no matter what the final result will be. My heart hands out love. I feel like I am the most huggable teacher in the school. Again, I wonder if I hug too much. I’d like to believe I am being myself.

I do appreciate the experience subbing gives me. I realize there are two factors I would like to exercise. The first being structure. Without a classroom, I think this is very difficult to define and practice. The second is personal and professional. I wonder if I could be too personal with my students. I love to give hugs, I love to talk about everything. I even have a student that tells me she loves me every time she sees me. For now I am excusing it, that as a sub, it’s okay! Boundaries will be set when necessary. For now, I can be personal.

So about being personal, I found myself crying today when a teacher told me her son died in a car accident when he was 21. I’m overly emotional this time of month, but I literally teared up all day. It’s like my heart overflows with joy, so much that it just gushes, releasing the pressure to my tear ducts. I fan my eyes quickly so no one sees. I think I am overly in tune with not only my emotions, but everyone else’s, also.

That is all for now. I’ve vented a lot for one post. Tah Tah!


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Parent teacher conference

What exactly does this bring for teachers? How do the parents participate thoroughly with busy schedules and life happening? It shouldn’t matter, because it concerns your child, and anything that concerns your children should be a priority, this coming from someone who isn’t a mother. If my cat counts, then I am a mother, only when I’m home.

My point is, I absolutely love parent teacher conferences. I only experienced this once, during my 3rd grade student teaching placement, and it was very emotional for me.

Also, there is so much you can learn about your student from their parent/s. But of course. The reason I said my experience was so emotional is because my heart felt so full of joy. One student and his behavior had changed from second to third regarding attending school. Before, he very much disliked school, and during the conference with his mother, she expressed how much of a difference there was in him, so much that he couldn’t wait to get to school each day this year. What an awesome thing to hear from a parent, and my mentor teacher looks at me, with tears in my eyes I immediately giggled out of embarrassment. That moment I knew I had an exemplary mentor teacher. This also meant I contributed to this child’s joy. It was a great feeling.

I’m way too tired to continue writing, and I don’t know if this topic gets more exciting, but I know as a sub, I am a little jealous that I don’t get a chance to meet ‘my students’ parents. It will happen one day.

Good night. Buenos noches. Bonswa.

Miss Miller

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Today was  a funny day. I taught my favorite second grade class and I had been looking forward to it. HOWEVER…. my morning was not so good because something came up from my past, something embarrassing. I cried my tears this morning on my way to work and I knew as soon as the students arrived, I would be okay, in fact, really happy.

Well, my prediction was right because it was another amazing day, and all my personal issues went away until the end of the day. It is a great feeling to be so excited to go to work because you know your time working with them would be pretty great.

I’ve been thinking about having children lately. They bring so much joy into my life. I definitely have a while before any babies come my way, or I don’t know actually because I don’t predict the future, but my point is… my heart is totally in them. Students and children teach me so much about myself, about my skills and flaws. It’s pretty amazing.

Sometimes I forget that my slogan or theory I like to use is everything works out the way it is suppose to. To be interpersonal is a blessing. Does that make sense? I really like the person I am, because it makes me have a heart full of love and happiness. Weird, but my life is like that.

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Tears of joy

Today was an awesome day, without a doubt, and that will totally make tonight pretty fun, too.

I subbed for 2nd grade, which I think is my favorite class to sub for, and the class is awesome. I love the students. I had to discipline the class as a whole today, and my heart didn’t get that gut feeling it gets when I have to discipline for misbehavior. My point is, they were pretty cool about it and understood.

But it was also a wonderful day because that third grade student I recently wrote about gave me a journal today. Each page had an illustration, and they are so cool. Most of them have some kind of smile on it, whatever it is. It made my heart overflow with happiness. I’m still in that stage that when I think about it, I tear up.
… My second grade students experienced my happy cry, and I hope they understood it. One day they will.

There is so much love and happiness in my life that I am constantly smiling. It’s a great feeling. Personally, I forget that love can be spread anywhere.

Also, note to self… Bring mystery readers into your classroom. Just to have a guest/visitor once in a while spices the classroom up a bit.

The best thing about subbing is experiencing so many different teaching techniques, and learning about the type of teacher the students have. One second grade teacher loves to do arts and crafts, which is fun and the final product is prideful and also beautiful. Another one enjoys doing creative activities with children, and this gets the brain flowing and blood pumping.

It’s just that today was awesome!

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