Tough love

Oh this tough love thing is a challenge for such a sappy happy friendly girl like me.

I have no children, although I have been around children my whole life. I guess I’ve never had to really discipline so much. I’ve never had MY OWN classroom to experience that. But here is my latest lesson on being an educator.

I met with a teacher the other day, to talk about some things I felt that I needed to work on as an educator, and she gave me the necessary feedback that I needed to hear.

Basically, I realized that I am the nice teacher that students walk all over.  Let’s be honest,  it’s mostly because of my personality. I take after my mother, a soft heart and usually can’t say no. : ) It’s not that I’m not an effective teacher. I have all the skills and knowledge, but also the characteritic to BE a great professional educator. I must say that today was such an important day for me, like a mini milestone.

I taught fifth grade full day, and man oh man, the discipline I had to do. I did my best to apply positive reinforcement, but I also had to follow through with consequences, and it really isn’t as terrible as I thought. Keep in mind, it is Friday, and a lot of the students took several bathroom and drink breaks. I’m working on it!!! The best part was, we got all of the work done, it wasn’t so chatty and chaotic, and I could tell that student were grasping what ‘we’ were learning. I say we because I feel like I am in fifth grade all over again, just more advanced and experienced. A lot of the content was a refresher for me, and I enjoyed that.

Because I feel like I am rambling, I want to finish with this. I will never again allow myself to be the teacher that students can walk all over. It is okay to be strict, and students will not resent or hate you for it. The most important thing I’ve learned, thanks to my new mentor and my latest experiences, is that you need to be and act like a serious professional, even if you aren’t that experienced. Without respect from the students, your classroom cannot be managed, which translates to students not getting the knowledge that they need and should get.

It’s been real, but it’s about to get serious, and I am excited to keep applying this new insight and reality.

Much love. Miss Miller

Check out this tough love action going on between a mama bear and her cub!


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I have created a life full of happiness and knowledge through pursuing my passion. Sining in the rain and learning to laugh always helps! Finally landed a position so now I am just living the American dream.
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