The First Days of School: How to be an effective teacher –Wong

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The First Days of School – This is a must read for any and all teachers.

Since my first experience of being around educators, I was informed on the importance and enrichment of this book. I’ve heard so many of my mentors in my life rave about it.

Throughout college, I could never bring myself to purchase this book, only because it wasn’t a priority, or so I thought. A teacher I was assisting had this book laying out and I explained how I always wanted to get it but just never bought it and she handed an extra copy to me and said, “Merry Christmas!” She also said something along the lines of not being the teacher she is today without it. I can’t stress how awesome this women is. I love subbing for her, and her students can teach themselves. After reading a few pages, I can already see how she applies some of his strategies into her classroom.

My last point; I am subbing for fifth grade tomorrow, and I gave an inch and they look a mile last time I subbed for them. I blame myself. I don’t like to be the stern and “shhh” teacher, but students cannot get their work done if they are constantly talking. The teacher I am subbing for said it was going to be an easy day, but now I am ready for a challenge. How can I strive to be the best teacher, even if it is just for subbing? I think this book is a great start.

I look forward to the moment when I can fully acknowledge that my class can teach themselves.

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