Tears of joy

Today was an awesome day, without a doubt, and that will totally make tonight pretty fun, too.

I subbed for 2nd grade, which I think is my favorite class to sub for, and the class is awesome. I love the students. I had to discipline the class as a whole today, and my heart didn’t get that gut feeling it gets when I have to discipline for misbehavior. My point is, they were pretty cool about it and understood.

But it was also a wonderful day because that third grade student I recently wrote about gave me a journal today. Each page had an illustration, and they are so cool. Most of them have some kind of smile on it, whatever it is. It made my heart overflow with happiness. I’m still in that stage that when I think about it, I tear up.
… My second grade students experienced my happy cry, and I hope they understood it. One day they will.

There is so much love and happiness in my life that I am constantly smiling. It’s a great feeling. Personally, I forget that love can be spread anywhere.

Also, note to self… Bring mystery readers into your classroom. Just to have a guest/visitor once in a while spices the classroom up a bit.

The best thing about subbing is experiencing so many different teaching techniques, and learning about the type of teacher the students have. One second grade teacher loves to do arts and crafts, which is fun and the final product is prideful and also beautiful. Another one enjoys doing creative activities with children, and this gets the brain flowing and blood pumping.

It’s just that today was awesome!

About teachmissmiller

I have created a life full of happiness and knowledge through pursuing my passion. Sining in the rain and learning to laugh always helps! Finally landed a position so now I am just living the American dream.
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