3rd Grade

Could it be that someone with a lot of intelligence cannot read? Oh, indeed it is true. A third grade student I’ve taught is the sweetest and most nicest boy you will ever meet. Just a warm hello from him makes your heart happy and I got to be his sub today.

The whole class was wonderful. I feel like I have a genuine connection with third grade.

The relationships and the sarcasm are often cherished, and the respect begins and behavior is finally kept under control and is more understood in their part. ❤

It’s strange because I really thought I wanted to leave this area I live in, because I believed it would show me experience and I would find some kind of love that I didn’t have at home. The school I sub at gives me such a greater love then I can imagine, which is why I think my life is pretty splendid right now.

Oh man, I can’t escape my heart, no matter what I tell my mind. That isn’t so terrible.

About teachmissmiller

I have created a life full of happiness and knowledge through pursuing my passion. Sining in the rain and learning to laugh always helps! Finally landed a position so now I am just living the American dream.
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